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Step 8.
Safety Check be sure to check that bolts and nuts are properly tightened, you
should have full throttle and full brakes.  The system must go through the brake
and throttle motions smoothly, there should be no binding or hesitation.
Automobility hand controls are manufactured out of .304 stainless steel, the castings are
investment wax casted 304 stainless steel, the webbing is 10,000 lb. test nylon webbing.
This system will last a lifetime. When you change vehicles contact us and we will give
you instructions to move your Automobility system to your next vehicle. Automobility
hand controls meet and exceed all permanent hand control safety standards and

although built to last a lifetime, still a delicate instrument to make your driving mobility
more pleasurable.

Automobility does not take responsibility or liability for faulty or incorrect installation.
You are now ready for many years of happy motoring.