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Step 7.
Attach the lower spring retantion strap and adjust. Make sure cross bolt is not overtightened and binding.
   Place the brake spring tension strap through the D ring on the brake block spring and fasten it so that there is
enough tension to pull the brake back to the off position.  In cases where hitting a bump (with extra weight of the
control on the brake) the brake might depress enough to allow the brake lights to come on or to disengage the
speed control. This strap can be easily adjusted, when necessary, to put more or less back pressure on the brake
pedal.  REMEMBER: do not over tighten cross bolt that connects the brake block to the brake arm as this could
cause a binding effect that could make your brake lights to stay on.
- Attach brake
spring retention
strap, this is the
velcro covered
strap that
comes off the
bottom of the
tower. It goes
through the
D-Ring from the
top and
attaches to
itself. Make
sure it is tight
but not
extremely tight.