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Step 5.
Attach the accelerator arm to the control handle.
   Attach the control handle to the brake arm clevis (be sure that you slide the retaining bolt into
the clevis from the bottom up and that it slides all the way through without catching on the lip
inside the handle on the way up, secure with the lock nut.)  Now attach the accelerator arm to the
control handle and tighten the black knob to secure.  (Remember, the eye ring should always
remain between the clevis and the sliding bolt cover.)
  Connect the control handle to
the clevis at the top of the
brake arm using the shoulder
bolt with the allan key end
coming up from the bottom and
the 3/8ths lock nut attaching to
the top. Make sure this
shoulder bolt is completely
through the handle insert and
not hanging up part way.
Connect the throttle side by
removing the black knob and
the silver nut sert, put the rod
end bearing on the handle,
then secure it with the nut sert
then the black handle knob.

- The control handle should give you full throttle and full brake without touching
anything. Full throttle should be at about " away from the back of the steering
Some vehicles will not be able to tilt the steering wheel and some will have limited tilt adjustment.