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Step 4.
Lift the brake arm and attach the column mount as shown in illustration below. 
   Bring the unsown end of the strap over the steering column to the right side bottom, thread the
strap through the tower and back up through the camlock buckle. (On some vehicles the strap will
come down behind the gear shift lever or ignition switch and once threaded will come back up on
the front side over the lever or switch,)  Pull the strap until the tower and straps are secured to the
steering column, lock the camlock buckle and slide the security ring over the camlock handle.
Thread through the second camlock and secure. Be sure that this tower strap is tightly in place
before attaching the Velcro strap to the brake block.

   To change or adjust the lower brake arm slide the cover up, using the provided allan wrench
loosen the allan lock nut, then using 2 9/16ths wrenches loosen the outside jam nut, then the
inside locking jam nut. This threaded rod is a left hand thread. Make sure you turn it the proper way
to loosen it.
Once you have completed this adjustment, slide the cover over the adjusters.

   The brake arm assembly should go as high up the brake arm as possible without interfering with anything else
in that location. Make sure every part of this hand control system is free moving and not touching the bolster pad
or in contact with anything under the steering column.
Attach steering column mount straps around column as indicated in illustration (4) on your Automobility spec
sheet for your vehicle.  Make sure that the rubber spacer is in place and the nut that fits between the eye ring
and the tower or inside the tower (check your spec sheet illustration (4).) is in its proper location.  There is very
little mechanical stress on this assembly, be sure that you tighten it as firm as you can and that the brake rod
slides without binding through the eye ring.
(The straps are made out of nylon and will not break when tightening)
Lock down the camlocks and secure with the safety loops.
** Cam Locks are movable and can be moved and set where needed on the steering column.