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Step 1.
   Remove the lower retention strap from the accelerator arm by unclipping the fastex clip and install as shown in illustration below. 
Not all vehicles are the same under the dash and around gas pedal.

The illustrations below show a few possible ways of installing the

lower retention strap for the hand controls.

   Attach the strap to an existing bolt on the firewall of the vehicle, this bolt is indicated on the spec sheet or find a solid bolt between the brake arm and the throttle arm. Make sure the strap cannot be impeded by any obstacles. When you brake with your control handle you pull against this strap so you don't have pressure on your throttle arm. Make sure it is secure.
  (If spec sheet is not provided, find a threaded bolt on the firewall or under the dash.  Make sure the bolt is secure enough to withstand a severe brake application.  The strap should be secured in an area somewhere between the steering column and the accelerator pedal area.)