Step 2
  Attach the throttle block on the accelerator arm as shown in the
illustrations below.  Using the allan key provided with your hand controls.

- Check with your spec sheet to determine the exact location on your
specific vehicle.

- Throttle block may have to be cut depending on application. The
throttle block can also be removed from the rod end bearing and
turned sideways as needed for different applications.

- The throttle arm tube can also be inverted for different applications.
  Install the throttle block on to the accelerator arm as indicated in illustration (2) on your spec sheet.
(The accelerator arm should be placed into the serrated groove of the throttle block when possible.  This throttle block is designed to fit different shapes and configurations of accelerator arms, it can be removed from the swivel and reinstalled at 90 degrees from the position it is now in.  The length of the swivel end bolt can also be adjusted by turning it in or out of the throttle block).
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These diagrams show a few possible positions that the throttle block may be installed.